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Devlog #5
New update! Fixed main game background not scrolling Added keyboard shortcuts for building Harvester light goes red without connections Added animation to charg...
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Devlog #4 Tutorial & Camera Pan
A new update, this time I worked mostly on getting a working tutorial. Harvestor lines are now behind buildings Can now click and drag in empty space to move ca...
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Devlog #3 Options & Scores
New Update! A radius is now drawn around the sun to show it's effective area when placing solar panel Sound options now available on pause menu Score is now sav...
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Devlog #2 Sounds Difficulty & Menus
New Update! Added Sound Background music loop Place building sound Added Difficulty Easy, Medium, Hard Difficulty levels affect Payment amount, Payment Interval...
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Post LD Development
So people seem to like the game, and I've enjoyed developing it. As a result you can now Buy a post LD version for $3, although with a warning that it is in ear...
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Hi, I really want to make the best game I can out of this, so if you have any recommendations then please do put them he...
started by emilyp Aug 06, 2017
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